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The Team MediaConsultia helps you to execute the complete or partial needs of any broadcast projects. It expands its support in Setting Up of Channels & Production houses, Integration of Broadcast Equipments, Design the logos & channel look etc. Below are the services we provide


Logo Design & Packaging

MediaConsultia helps organisations in designing meaningful logos & helps deriving the quality On-Air look & feel of the channel. The company has its core competancy in designs & have already served many organisations in executing the On-Screen Graphics. The clients of the team have been supported from the designing to execution & usage of the graphics in Daily rundowns.

SET DESIGNS - Physical & Virtual

Quality Frames & Sets

MediaConsultia has its competency in designing quality On-Air Sets with/without LIVE elements by using methods of quality space management. With experts ranging from Architects to 3D modelers, the company helps deriving dynamic SETs for News & Entertainment Shows. 


Cost Effective Equipment Rental & Execution

The company exists in the universe to control the costs & expenditure incurred during the regular & special event days. With a nag of delivering quality with budgetry workarounds we offer rentals on Cameras, Lights, Sound Systems, Edits, Designs & Online Graphic Systems along with experienced Manpower at very attractive rates. We also provide the same for news base shows & Events. 


Graphics, Tickers & Automation

We understand the ability to execute the exact on-air look onto the Real Time Graphic systems is a rare and can actually be a nightmare. We provide hand on execution of any type of packaging onto the Real Time Systems like VizRT, Wasp3D, Inscriber, Orad, Chyron etc. The team with it expertise also provide templating & form building on the automation side too. We support regular news days, Elections, Business Graphics Design & Integration on the above mentioned machines.

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